Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A good walk, spoiled

The princess decided to go with me on my trek this morning with her constant companion, Noodles the Chiwienie, in tow.

Things started out swimmingly.  We cruised the neighborhood and even ducked down the trail by the river. All in all, an idyllic start to a beautiful day.

Inspired by nature's bounty and  fueled by the endless energy of youth, it was determined that a girl vs. beast footrace was in order, with VGFatboy a decidedly laggard third place contestant.  

At the sound of ready, set, go the princess was off..a leash complication gave her a decided head start over the dog, but he made up ground relentlessly and by the time they reached our front yard he was literally nipping at her heels.

Suddenly, and without warning, he stopped and began nuzzling the ground and to our horror it was discovered that he had stumbled across a newborn clutch of rabbits...

This didn't end well, an no amount of consoling or counseling about natural selection and the like could set things right with my youngest child.  I know that life is hard, but the end of a perfect walk with a beautiful young lady somehow doesn't seem like the appropriate classroom for such harsh lessons.

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